GPS is the outcome!

GPS in agriculture, accurate and cost-saving!

GPS is becoming increasingly important in agriculture and horticulture. The saving in time, costs and fuel are some very important advantages when using GPS. The accuracy is essential here. That is precisely why we are a dealer of Trimble, the most accurate steering system on the market. For example, the system has an accuracy of no less than 0-2 centimeters with RTK-GPS!

The system is connected to the tractor hydraulics. You can choose from different displays to operate the Autopilot system. In addition to the accuracy of the Trimble system, brand independence is also a very big plus. The system can be placed quickly on (other) already prepared tractors. The CAN bus can be used to connect the tractors that are prepared at the factory, only a matter of “plug and play”. Very easy!

Of the different displays, we work most with the TMX-2050, CFX-750 and the GFX-750, something for everyone!

The TMX-2050 is mainly used in the nursery sector, but is certainly also suitable for agriculture. During the development of this display, the focus was on “user-friendliness”. This can be found in, for example, the intuitive operation (comparable to tablet / smartphone), the freely workable work screen and the 12-inch capacitive HD touchscreen. The plots and AB lines can be viewed in Google Earth.

It is available with all accuracy and with different steering systems.

The Trimble CFX-750 is a nice affordable solution for guidance, control and precision farming With this display, in combination with the Field-IQ system and an upgrade for the use of GLONASS satellites, you achieve maximum efficiency when sowing, spraying, spreading and strip processing. Because of the many expansion possibilities, it is a true investment for the future! The display has 2 camera inputs, so you can follow two live video images on the screen to check parts of the implement that are otherwise not visible. At the end of the working day you easily transfer the work data to your PC via the built-in USB port, or of course wirelessly via Connected Farm from Farm Works.

The GFX-750 is with the 10 inch touchscreen display the little brother of the successful TMX display. For precision farming it offers various options such as section control, variable delivery, wireless data exchange and full ISOBUS support. The display runs as well as its big brother on Android. This feature is unique. Trimble is the only manufacturer whose precision farming display is currently running on Android. Many things can be arranged from the smartphone and tablet. The GFX-750 is suitable for automatic steering with a steering motor, CANbus on the prepared tractors and hydraulic steering.

The GFX-750 comes standard with the NAV-900. This is a roof module with GPS receiver that rescues itself with all available correction signals, including the centimeter accurate RTK! The combination of the GFX-750 display and the NAV-900 guide makes your cabin less messy, it works a lot better! Since the receiver works with GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo satellites, it can very accurately determine the position even in difficult circumstances.

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