Division of livestock farming technology

Your total supplier in the field of livestock farming technology

Due to a takeover in 1993, Gebr. Ezendam B.V. besides agricultural mechanization also started with livestock farming technology. Livestock farming technology then consisted of 2 employees. In the meantime, partly due to the introduction of the milking robot, it has grown to 13 employees and the company specializes in solutions for stable equipment, milking technology, cooling technology, manure processing and ventilation systems.

We are a total solution dealer of GEA Farm Technologies.

As a dealer of GEA Farm Technologies we deliver the total GEA package: from milking parlors and milking robots to milk cooling tanks, stall equipment and Houle manure processing. You can also contact us for the Oberleitner ventilation system for the larger professional stables.

MIone and GEA monobox

In addition to the MIone multibox system, we also sell the GEA monobox that has a capacity of around seventy cows. Both systems milk your cows as naturally as possible and offer your company a lot of decisiveness and flexibility.

Automatic feeding

We are also supplier of Mullerup, the expert in automatic feeding. The Mullerup feeding system from GEA loads and mixes fully automatically and feeds pre-programmed rations to the various groups. The result is better feed intake and less residual feed.