Intelligent feeding, your animals will love it!

Feed and feed automatically with products from GEA

Make sure that you too have less work in the future with feeding your cattle!

Gebr. Ezendam BV in Borne can support you in making a well-considered choice regarding the feeding system. The Mix Feeder from GEA Farm Technologies is a fully automatic feed wagon you can rely on. He mixes and feeds individual rations to your animals. He does this very relaxed, accurate and quiet. You will look your eyes out!

There are two systems available. Namely the GEA mix feeder and the GEA mix and carry. The GEA mix feeder is a mixing bin that independently loads, mixes and distributes in the stable.

GEA Mixfeeder

The GEA mix and carry is a system that uses a fixed mixer, which means that an even higher capacity can be achieved with the system.

GEA Mix and Carry

The FRone simplifies work in the stable and saves valuable time that can be used for more important things on the farm.

GEA FRone Feed Pusher

The GEA FRone pushes the feed in the direction of the feed fence at pre-set times and on the basis of the determined routes. This ensures that the cows have constant access to fresh food. This feed pulling robot performs its work very accurately and reliably at a maximum speed of 6 meters per minute.

Another strength of the FRone is the simple operation! In addition, this smart feed-on robot returns to the loading station after the route itself!

For more information, please contact our specialists Edwin Markink (06-15899571) and Dinand Kemper (06-55794919)! You have come to the right place for all your products from GEA Farm Technologies!