Cooling tanks & home heating

Cooling and heating by means of GEA total solutions

The storage of milk is very important in dairy farming. By properly cooling the milk, the quality of the milk can be maintained. The livestock farming technology division specializes in installing and maintaining cooling and heating technology. This technique comes from GEA Farm Technologies.

Cooling tanks

In the category Cooling tanks, there are 2 types of tanks at GEA Farm Technologies, namely the T-cool and the V-cool.

The T-cool is a milk tank with horizontal storage and is available in no less than 24 different variants and capacities, from 1010 to 33,500 liters. The efficiency with which you can cool and store milk becomes clear when we look at the statistics. The TCool milk tank prevents the formation of thermal bridges and limits the temperature rise to 0.5 ° C over a 12-hour period.

The V-cool is a milk tank with vertical storage, so you can store more milk in proportion to a small surface, both inside and outside. The V-cool is available in six different variants with volumes from 15,000 to 35,000 liters. The silo tank makes it possible to store large quantities of milk on a concrete basis of only 14m². The diameter of the tank itself is only three meters – regardless of the capacity. Thanks to the vertical positioning, it is ensured that the tank is always emptied completely. This means less time and money is required for cleaning.

GEA ExtraHeat home heating

The cows heat the house with their milk and partly provide the energy for the hot water. With this, the milk provides sustainable energy in a creative way. Together with a large amount of milk, the cows also provide a great deal of heat. The milk is immediately cooled back by default with a pre-cooler around 34 ° C to 4 ° C. This low temperature is necessary to meet the bacteriological requirements of the dairy. In many cases this heat is lost on cooling. But not in this case! By converting this lost heat into warm water, it can be used for heating the (company) home and for hot tap water. The heat released from the cooling machine is then used.

A heat exchanger is included in the pipe, which stores the heat of the milk and uses it to heat water. This water is stored in two buffer tanks: one buffer tank provides hot water for cleaning the milk line, the other buffer tank provides heating for the home and the hot water (for example, to shower or do the dishes).

In the winter, the pre-cooler is usually switched off so that the efficiency is the highest. In the summer, when we naturally need less heat, the pre-cooler can be switched on again. This way we have the highest return!

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