Route sales / aftermarket for all products in livestock farming technology

Nipple liners, cleaning agents and other articles / parts, simply delivered to you in the yard!

If you are in possession of a milking installation from Gebr. Ezendam BV will appear the After Market Specialist once every 5 to 7 weeks. In addition to nipple liners, cleaning agents, acids and other items, this After Market Specialist also supplies spare parts. To complete the package we have a large assortment, with many useful things for the farm. For an infusion, bolus, shovel large or small you have to go to the After Market Specialist. The range is regularly expanded with new products!

Given the large size of the range, our After Market Specialist does not have all products in stock. You can of course order all products from the catalog. Orders can be emailed to quoting your name, address and telephone number.

Furthermore, the After Market Specialist regularly has promotions in which you can participate.

If the After Market Specialist does not visit you yet, but you are interested in this, please contact Gebr. Ezendam BV and you will see the After Market Specialist appear.