Nursery Technology Division

Smart solutions and innovations in nursery technology.

Since 1999, Gebr. Ezendam BV started the engineering / development and production of nursery machines. Since then, Gebr. Ezendam BV gained international fame with its own Globus brand.

With the Globus brand a start has been made with the manufacture of machines for pruning mainly buxux balls. The form pruning machines are available in manual and fully automatic versions for on land or stationary setups. In addition to manufacturing bulb cutters, all conceivable machines are produced for a nursery. This includes portal tractors, plant hole drilling machines, root ball machines, potting tables, spraying carts, spray hoods, reflex hoes, etc.. All this from the own Globus brand. The GPS control has also been introduced to these machines for a number of years.

Customization features Gebr. Ezendam BV in Borne. Are you looking for a special product? We are happy to sit down with you to see what solutions we can offer!

Increasing / extending standard tractors is also an activity that is being implemented by Gebr. Ezendam BVBy raising these tractors it is possible to drive over plants without damaging them with or without crop protection caps on the wheels.