Drill plant holes

Drill plant holes with the solutions of Gebr. Ezendam B.V

Large planting holes are needed to replant larger trees and plants. To be able to carry out this process automatically, the Plant Holes drill has been developed. This increases efficiency during work at tree nurseries and considerably improves working conditions.

The plant hole drill machines are available from a very simple variant to fully automatic versions on GPS.

Many rows can be drilled at the same time and the drills are available in various sizes, depending on your wishes!

If the holes are drilled on GPS, they are in a fixed grid. This is a very big advantage for the post-processing of the plants. The plants can also be processed in the same fixed grid. This includes pruning, weeding, stabbing, etcetera.

Plant hole drills are available for mounting behind a tractor and as a self-propelled Ezendam machine.