Removing or controlling weeds is child’s play!

We have solutions for mechanical and chemical weed control.

Mechanical weed control is the removal of weeds using tools, machines or tools. We have various options in this way of controlling weeds.

For example the information provided by Gebr. Ezendam itself developed reflex hoe for automatic hoeing between the plants in the row. The reflex hoe works with probes, therefore the hoe to leave the plant row as soon as the plant arrivesThe hoe can therefore be adjusted very precisely in relation to the plants. Several rows can be hoeed at the same time, a double version is also possible.
In addition, fully automated GPS can be steered. The soil around the plants is weeded on GPS. This is suitable for growers who have planted the plants on GPS. Finally, we supply various HAK systems within the mechanical weed control category. For example, the SH-series hoeing machine is available in standard widths of 1.75 meters, 3 meters, 4.5 meters and 6 meters wide.

Within the chemical weed control we can provide you with spray hoods, LVS systems and spray barrows.
Spray hoods are a form of high volume spray technique. The hoods are mounted in front of or behind the tractor and are often combined with spray rods.
Secondly, there are the LVS systems. LVS stands for Low Volume Spreading Technology. Do you want a higher capacity, less refueling and a substantial saving on resources in your weed control? Then it is now time to switch to an LVS systemAn LVS mounting set is easy to assemble. It consists of a pump cabinet, a controller cabinet and spreader heads. It works entirely on 12 volts. We compile the set based on your wishes and requirements, taking into account your cultivation.

For the chemical control of weeds you can also opt for a spray barrow. A spray barrow is also a form of LVS. Gebr. Ezendam carries out the spray barrows with an electrically driven wheel. This ensures that the speed is constant when spreading, so you also have a constant release. The spray barrows can be supplied with 1 or 2 spreader heads. When 2 spreader heads are used on one spray wheelbarrow, spreading can be done up to a width of 160 cm.