Precise to the millimeter and always the same result.

Forming pruning machines from Gebr. Ezendam from Borne

The shape pruning machines for the tree nursery are available in semi-automatic and fully-automatic variants. With the shape pruning machines from Gebr. Ezendam, plants such as buxus, yew, conifers etc. can be pruned into bulbs, cones or pyramids. The machine is widely applicable when it comes to the dimensions of the bulbs, cones or pyramids to be cut. Both the patented cages and the hedge trimmer knives are removable and available in various sizes.

The semi-automatic pruning machines are made with and without wheel drive. This depends, among other things, on the soil conditions. With the semi-automatic pruning machines, bulbs, stem balls, cones and pyramids can be pruned.

The fully automatic pruning machines prune on tracer. They are currently available in both a single-row and multi-row versions. We now have machines with which 5 rows of plants or trees can be pruned simultaneously. The positioning of the plant is done with a push button. This type of pruning machine is particularly suitable for growers who have not planted the plants on GPS. This is a very efficient method of pruning since the machine runs at a constant speed, zo ook tijdens het snoeien van de planten. Dit zorgt voor een maximale capaciteit. The pruning units of this machine can be replaced by stitch units. Then it is a combi machine, one machine that can be used for multiple operations at your tree nursery!

The pruning machines are also available on GPS. They are comparable to fully automatic stabbing machines with a probe, but these machines do not get the positions through a probe but via GPS. The GPS-controlled pruning machines can also be equipped with a start / stop systemThe pruning machines on GPS are particularly suitable for nurseries where the plants and trees are planted on GPS.

This saves you a lot of time!

Just as with the fully automatic pruning machines with probes, the units can be replaced with plug-in units so that you have a combi machine.

In addition, stationary pruning machines are also available, in a fully automatic or semi-automatic variant. The stationary pruning machines are used for pruning bulbs, cones or pyramids on the container field or in greenhouses. With the fully automatic stationary pruning machines, the plants are guided through the machine by means of a conveyor belt. Stationary pruning machines are also available for stem bulbs.

Do you have other wishes for a pruning machine after reading this information? We are happy to talk to you to brainstorm about the possibilities. We also make the pruning machines entirely to your wishes!